Customizing Semantic UI

11. January 2017 Howto 5
If you’ve checked out my Pluralsight Course on Semantic UI you’ll know that it goes through the basics of Semantic, but doesn’t look at customizations. Being able to customize Semantic is one of its strong suits, but time kept me from going into any details. This week someone that had watched my course reached out to ...

Getting Semantic UI to Work with BrunchJS

14. August 2016 Elixir, Howto 2
This weekend I’ve been playing around with a Phoenix application. By default, it appears as if Phoenix uses Bootstrap, but I’m not a fan of Bootstrap, so I wanted to bring in Semantic UI. I ran into a problem, however, trying to configure my brunch-config.js file.  (Phoenix uses brunch by default. You can turn it off, ...

Benchee on the web — BencheeWeb

08. July 2016 Elixir, Howto 0
About a month ago, I saw this Tweet sent out on the #MyElixirStatus hashtag. I clicked through to read Tobias’ blog. I pulled the code from hex ( and played around with it a bit. I saved the tweet because I immediately thought of sites I’ve used in the past like jsperf, that let people ...

I Wrote an Elixir Thing Today

20. June 2016 Elixir, Howto 0
I’ve been playing with Elixir for a few weeks now. I’ve really enjoyed it. But most of what I’ve been doing has just been programming exercises. Specifically over at exercism. That’s been great, it’s made me think in Elixir for a while. But at the end of the day, it reminded me of my Intro ...

Why we’re not using Knockoutjs

12. September 2013 Howto 0
This past week I’ve been working on a semi-new project. It’s something I’ve worked on before. In fact, the project itself is the first thing I ever did in MVC. I never completed that version, and instead, a few years later started used it to learn Bootstrap and MongoDB. But I didn’t finish that version ...

MSTest & Resharper showing Aborted Test

25. July 2012 Howto 0
Inside VisualStudio 2010, I had right-clicked on my solution and chose “Run Unit Tests”  Resharper went through and started running them.  All but 4 of them passed, and those 4 didn’t have an error message, but simply said Aborted next to them in Resharper.  As I took a look, Resharper grouped them under a {RootNamespace}. Looking ...

Integration testing OpenRasta

07. April 2012 Howto 10
Mostly this is just for me as a reminder.  Daniel Irvine has a good post on how to test RESTful services. What it means for me is I now have a code block like this:

How to get an OpenRasta up and running

03. March 2012 Howto 1
It’s been a while since I have created an OpenRasta project from scratch. And, back when I created my first one I didn’t really want to use OpenWrap, mostly because I was impatient and just wanted to start coding.  There are a few tutorials out there on how to create “Your First OpenRasta Application”   However, as ...

Getting a Return value from a Stored Procedure in PetaPoco

20. February 2012 Howto 1
For the past several months I’ve been using PetaPoco for almost all of my data access needs in .Net, and I’ve absolutely loved it. Until today. I had a stored procedure from a legacy database that returns a code (e.g. -1, invalid user id, 0 success etc.)  I sat down to execute this stored procedure ...