20. November 2011 One-Time 0
Everybody get back to work, because this is a business and we’re in the business of being in business and we’re dong business. Monty Brewster

TFS vs PivotalTracker

20. October 2011 One-Time 1
http://stuffthathappens.com/blog/2008/03/05/simplicity/ I first saw this cartoon about 3 years ago while we were in the midst of an SAP migration, as well as 2 other internal apps being rewritten. I was the lead (okay, time to be honest, I was the only) developer on one of the apps, that sadly looked  a lot more like ...

Will it get here in time?

04. August 2011 One-Time 0
I’m certain that about this time, I bunch of people are asking “but, did you implement DVCS”.  The answer is no, not yet.  You still can’t checkin while you are offline.  And you can’t do history or branch merges, etc.  Certain operations do still require you to be online.  You won’t get big long hangs ...

Bible Reading ICal

06. January 2011 One-Time 0
I’m going to take a break from my normal tech blogs to post this. I’ve created an iCal file for reading the entire Bible in one year.  It’s based on Discipleship Journal’s Bible reading plan. First things first, here is the iCal file. You should be able to import it into any iCal capable calendar ...

Be careful when moving lines of code

22. December 2010 One-Time 0
Going from do { }while (x == true); to while(x == true) { } Should simply change it from always executing the first time, to only when the condition is true. However, going to while(x == true); { } will create an endless loop (notice the semicolon)

Chrome OS Cr-48 — First Impressions

21. December 2010 One-Time 0
A couple weeks ago I was on the Google Pilot website There was a form to fill out if you wanted to be part of the Chrome OS pilot project.  My first thought was “Hey, free laptop… let me fill that out.”  I honestly wasn’t thinking more than that.  I am a bit of a ...

Frustrations with Blackberry

11. September 2010 One-Time 0
As I’ve referenced a couple times, I’m doing some side work on the Blackberry right now. In all honesty, while it’s been a good learning process, it has been close to a constant source of frustration. The frustrations I’ve experienced so far boil down to a couple things. I’m not a fan of Eclipse.  I ...

Debugging Mail Code

I’m working on a project that involves email and implementing RFCs for IMAP etc.  Normally I wouldn’t be keen to do something like this because I’d rather just grab an email library and write my functionality on top of that.  Normally I’d rant and rave about someone NOT doing it this way.  But for a ...

Goodbye Funnydawg

28. January 2010 One-Time 0
I just switched hosting providers.  I had been on Funnydawg for a couple months.  I found Funnydawg when I was working on a site for a non-profit.  I needed something quick, easy, not long term and most of all cheap.  They fit most of these parameters.  I got my site up and running really quick. ...