Long time coming….

20. December 2009 Uncategorized 0

Well this is the maiden voyage of the PaleLocust blog.  It’s taken me just about all day to get this blog up and running.  As usual, I did something stupid which inhibited progress.

About a month ago, I finally hosted palelocust.com and pushed up a little web project I had been working on.  After playing around for a while, I created a sub-domain for that project, as well as some sub-domains for other projects.  But I never cleaned up the root.  Then, when I went to install wordpress, everything seemed fine.  That is, until I went to view my blog page.  It kept giving me a 500.19 error.

Thanks to the guys at my hosting company I realized I’d never cleaned up the site’s root directory and had extraneous web.config and other files that were interfering.

But it’s up and running now…  All I wanted to do this morning was chronicle my usage of xUnit.Net,  and here it is close to 8 hours later, and I finally have a blog up, and can get back to playing with xUnit.net.