More 64-bit fun

30. December 2009 Uncategorized 0

Earlier, I wrote about the “strange” error I was getting while trying to run XUnit on my project.

I just got another error that troubled me. It’s Greek To Me uses a 3rd party DLL that handles converting from trial to full version. It’s not a .Net DLL, so I have to use it as a COM reference. I got it all set up and working in debug.

I then tried it on the “trial” build and it crashed. The error was something like “retrieving the com class factory failed debug 80040154.” Googling that brought up an answer Once again, I was caught by the “Any CPU” option.

The reason it worked for the Debug, but not Trial build was, I had not updated the trial build to use x86 only. Once I did that, everything worked good.