Goodbye Funnydawg

28. January 2010 Uncategorized 0

I just switched hosting providers.  I had been on Funnydawg for a couple months.  I found Funnydawg when I was working on a site for a non-profit.  I needed something quick, easy, not long term and most of all cheap.  They fit most of these parameters.  I got my site up and running really quick.  The support was good, even when it was me doing stupid things, they kindly pointed out my errors and got me back on track.

However, over the past few weeks I’ve been watching the site a lot closer.  It’s Greek To Me has been up and accessible for a while.  The new semester at SBTS started this week, and so I expect some increased activity, as that’s where most of the It’s Greek To Me users go to school.

So that had me going to the control panel quite often to check logs and see what was going on (and comparing to Google Analytics.)  My issue was the control panel was always painfully slow to access anything.  To make matters worse, it seemed every week or so, at random intervals, the control panel would just time out.  I’d usually check my site at these times and, sure enough, the site would take 10 or 15 seconds just to load (whereas at other times it was considerably faster.)  I figured people who stumbled on to PaleLocust from google wouldn’t be keen on waiting that long, so it was time to switch.

Right now, I think I have most of my stuff set up, but I’m sure I’ll find a few missing elements here and there.