MSTest & Resharper showing Aborted Test

25. July 2012 Uncategorized 0

Inside VisualStudio 2010, I had right-clicked on my solution and chose “Run Unit Tests”  Resharper went through and started running them.  All but 4 of them passed, and those 4 didn’t have an error message, but simply said Aborted next to them in Resharper.  As I took a look, Resharper grouped them under a {RootNamespace}.

Looking at the file confirmed that there was no namespace declaration on the file.  Somehow that had gotten deleted (or possibly never existed by some dumb luck.)  As soon as I added that back, they ran fine.

On interesting thing to note is that if I ran the tests individually they all ran, it was only when I was trying to run all tests in the solution that it bombed.