Pluralsight Results

16. July 2014 Uncategorized 0

Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting. I pulled my phone out to see what time it was, and I saw I had an email. As I pulled down the notification drawer, I noticed it was from Spencer, my contact at Pluralsight. As I opened the email, I wasn’t nervous. I knew I had done my best. I had put close to 30 hours into my first submission, and easily another 10-20 on my second submission. All told, I spent around 40 hours to make 20 minutes of video. I didn’t just slap together a video. When my first video received the review of “We’d like to see another video,” I tried my best to take their criticism and apply it.

So as the email open, and the first word I saw was “Congratulations” I was pretty excited.

I have been accepted to be a Pluralsight Author. It’s something that even 6 months ago, I never imagined was a possibility. But thanks to some very kind conference attendees, other speakers, and friends, I’m there now. It all started when a man named Darin emailed me after my last time talking (KCDC14) and suggested I try to become one. Cory House, who I’ve met and talked to at a couple conferences, is a Pluralsight author and he was more than helpful in reviewing my videos and providing good feedback. Coworkers and friends also watched my videos. They provided actual feedback and didn’t just say “Looks good to me!”

So tonight, I electronically signed my agreements with Pluralsight. I’ve also submitted 3 possible class topics. I know there is some review/vetting process for the courses, so I don’t know if they’ll select any of these 3, or which one. I also don’t know exactly how long this part of the process will take. But hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to write a blog post telling you to go watch my Pluralsight course.