Is Freemium the new Shareware?

15. January 2012 Uncategorized 0
(My) History of Shareware Back in the mid-late 80s, my friends and I would buy a Computer Shopper magazine at the start of the summer and start calling in to local BBS.  Usually we’d find one or two each summer and spend the time downloading great games like Willy the Worm, or we’d spend time ...

Collation Got Me

21. December 2011 Uncategorized 2
I was doing some SQL work today and was trying to insert a few thousand records into a user defined table type that would then be passed to a stored procedure to be operated on. The data was really simple: Id, ModuleId, Code.  The primary key was a composite key across all 3 fields.  To ...

Hello there Posterous

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In my last post, I had tried to post some code but could not get it to work.  I thought I would use Gist to show it.  Even though I’m more of a Bitbucket type of guy than a Git guy, all the cool kids are using Gist.  The problem was, Tumblr didn’t like me trying ...

A New PetaPoco Glimpse Approach

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I recently started working on a new DAL during my day job.  We’re using PetaPoco for the most part, and we have it separated out into it’s own assembly.  One reason we did this was because we foresee needing this in multiple projects, possibly even creating a service.  After I got a test case working ...

Loyalty is a Two Way Street

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The big sports news this weekend is that Albert Pujols did not stay in St. Louis, but instead accepted something like $230 million dollars to change teams.  I really don’t care about the Cardinals (when I care about baseball, I cheer for the Royals.)  I do remember seeing Pujols play in Peoria, IL back in ...

Sad Day – Chromebook is no more

30. November 2011 Uncategorized 0
A little under a year ago I got a Google Chromebook.  I had signed up for the pilot and somehow was able to get a pilot one.  I played with it for a few days and then handed it over as a general family laptop. My son really took a liking to it.  He used ...


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Everybody get back to work, because this is a business and we’re in the business of being in business and we’re dong business. Monty Brewster

Do open doors lead to passive managers?

18. November 2011 Uncategorized 2
In 2003 the Holman Christian Standard Bible was released.  It was an attempt to translate the original Greek and Hebrew in a dynamic “thought-for-thought” translation that was true to the originals.  I bought one and had brought it to work to show Jim, one of my coworkers, since we had talked about different Bible translations ...

What a mechanical pencil taught me about software management.

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As I sat on the floor of my grandma’s apartment, my mom started talking to me about my  penmanship. I was in 3rd grade and had gotten reasonably good marks on my most recent report card, the one exception was penmanship, it was my lone C.  Looking back on it now, I wonder how much ...

Carbon Project Management

27. October 2011 Uncategorized 0
There’s a brand new project management methodology sweeping the nation, it’s called Carbon Project Management.*  It’s fairly simple. Essentially, the steps are: Write whatever task needs to be done on a carbon form. Give the top copy to whoever is doing the work (the developer) Take the first carbon copy and give that to the ...